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Storm Computers

More than twenty years of experience working in various segments of the industry and with a high level of expertise and continuous adoption of new technologies, company STORM Computers has positioned itself as one of the leading Croatian companies in the development, implementation and maintenance of complex and comprehensive business information and communication systems. By understanding the importance which IT technology plays in daily operations and with regular care for the continuous acquisition of knowledge about global trends in technology, the company confirms its expertise in close cooperation with the world's strategic and technology partners.

Our integrity, safety and high quality of delivered IT services are confirmed by our experts in all fields of information technology, as well as in sales and customer support. Thanks to the continuous improvement of portfolio of solutions and by focusing on the development of its own products and solutions, company has become one of the member companies within STORM Grupa. Covering together the whole region, member companies provide complete and full service on a "turnkey" basis, recognizing the innovation needs and specific requirements of business partners and customers.


  • To be reliable partner who applies the highest business operational standards and provides high-quality services
  • To build integral business solutions through partnerships with leading world companies, based on top services and technologies
  • To provide own employees’ achievement of the full professional potential through continuous education and improvement
  • To create additional value through continuous monitoring and development of modern IT technologies, development of a team spirit and competitive-innovative environment, as well as permanent development and improvement of necessary knowledge and skills


  • To be in the Croatian and regional top of business processes system integrators
  • Develop faster than the market by adopting new global technologies and their adaptation to local needs, education and certification of employees, as well as developing the long-term relationship with clients and their partners
  • Continue to provide clients with new, creative and technologically advanced solutions in development, implementation and maintenance of business, information, communication and network IT systems
  • Provide users with the best possible consulting, technical and educational support

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility of the company STORM Computers relates to the whole range of activities, from its internal structure to a wider action by the community. By its attitude toward employees, continuing education and training, Storm Computers is helping to create a quality and educated staff present in the domestic market. Essence of corporate social responsibility is to maintain good relations, not only to final consumers, but also to everyone involved in business enterprises.

  • STORM Group has joined in humanitarian aid for flood victims in Croatia
  • STORM Computers participated in the EU project-Leonardo da Vinci IVT